Christmas Soldering Kit

This soldering kit will take about an hour for a beginner to build (less if you’re an experienced solderer). It’s designed to plug into a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino. It will take a few minutes to program the Raspberry Pi or Arduino and then the project is ready to show to your friends.

There are three LEDs that can be controlled in whatever sequence you program. There is a small music chip with piezo speaker that will play Jingle Bells when you send it a ‘start’ signal. Then there is a photo-sensor to detect when you pass your hand overhead.

There are small differences between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino versions.

  • The Arduino version has a male header and the Raspberry Pi version uses a female header.
  • The Arduino version feeds the voltage from the photo-sensor directly into an Analog pin on the Arduino. The Raspberry Pi version doesn’t have analog inputs so it includes a comparator circuit that feeds into a GPIO input.

The same PCB is used for both versions. The difference is in which components are loaded.

Please note that the PCB will not fit in the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B that comes with the yellow video connector. We just couldn’t quite make it that flexible. It does fit onto other models of the Raspberry Pi.


pdfAssembly Instructions Arduino.pdf
zipExample Arduino Sketch
pdfAssembly Instructions Raspberry Pi.pdf
zipExample Raspberry Pi Python Script
pdfAssembly Drawing.pdf