Soldering Kits make excellent gifts

We currently have 3 soldering kits that would make excellent Christmas gifts for a maker or electronics enthusiast.

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At $7.99 we have the Christmas Soldering Kit. A fun little soldering project for Arduino or Raspberry Pi that you can finish in an hour.


For a little less, at $5.99, we have the Serial Adaptor Kit for LCD displays. This kit allows you to connect an LCD to your microcontroller project through a serial port, so instead of using 6 to 10 pins for the LCD you need only one or two. This kit works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

Finally, we have the Face! A soldering kit we have been selling for years. It listens to noises in the room. If it hears something it opens its eyes and looks at it. Put the Face on a table between you and a friend and it will follow your conversation with its eyes. The Face kit is fully self contained with it’s own controller for $19.99.

We’re working on lots more kits. We let you know here when they are released.

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