Our first crowdfunding campaign goes live tomorrow


Update: The campaign has now ended on Indiegogo. Click here to see it.

We have our first crowdfunding campaign loaded and ready to go live. We’re just doing a final proofread before before we hit the button.

We’ve chosen the Serial LCD Adaptor for our first campaign. Contributions will pay for the PCB setup costs and for an order of the microcontroller that drives the adaptor. (It’s the Freescale MC9S08SH4 in case you’re curious.)

The traditional LCD character displays come in a package that has 16 pins. That’s a lot of pins on a microcontroller sacrificed for the display. Using the Serial Adaptor Board you can reduce the number of pins to 1 (if you are using the UART connection and you don’t need to read from the LCD).  It’s a very flexible adaptor. It will work with a UART connection, an I2C connection or an SPI connection.

So this little board will free up lots of pins on the micro for other uses in your project. The best bit is we know we can do it for $6 a board.

We’ll update this post with the campaign link as soon as it goes live.

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