Another project idea: Connect-4 soldering kit

This project is intended for our collection of easy soldering kits.

It will be a medium sized board with 42 dual colour LEDs arranged in the usual Connect-4 pattern. There will be seven small buttons arranged below the LEDs, one for each column. There will be an additional LED to indicate whose turn is next. A long press on any button will clear the screen for a new game. A second long press will select one of three modes. Mode 1 will be one human player against the machine, human goes first, mode 2 will be one human player against the machine, machine goes first and mode 3 will be two human players.

We are looking at the algorithm for the machine player on this one. It is not a well known algorithm like the one we will use in the Tic-Tac-Toe project. Any algorithm geniuses out there want to make suggestions?

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